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This is a special announcement from The Securities & Exchange Commission, Nigeria to all investors who participated in the public offers which took place in Nigeria from 2000 – 2010: 

  1. Did you buy shares in the past years using different combinations of names?
  1. Did you buy those shares by yourself or through stockbrokers, registrars, banks or other capital market operators?
  1. If YES, the Securities and Exchange Commission has opened a window of opportunity to help you regularize your shares and claim any accrued dividends on such shares.
  1. Hurry now to Edgefield Capital Management Limited at 2 Tokunbo Alli street, off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, for guidance on the steps you need to take to regularize those shares and claim any accrued dividends on such shares.
  2. You can also visit our website at https://www.edgefieldng.com/en/faqs-on-regularization-of-multiple-subscriptions for more information on this process.
Hurry now before this window of opportunity closes